The Real Reason Why Xi Jinping Ended Zero-COVID | Zooming In with Simone Gao

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No matter whether the Party admits it or not, most people think this is essentially the termination of the Zero-covid policy.

On December 6, the Chinese authorities launched the “New Ten Measures” to officially adjust the epidemic prevention and control measures, including reducing the scope of nucleic acid testing; quarantining most COVID-19 patients at home; and terminating the use of the health care codes in most public places. Chinese health officials stressed that this is not letting go of the restrictions entirely, but are preparing for a return to pre-pandemic life.

While many people believe China’s letting go of Zero-Covid is the result of the recent protests that broke out in dozens of Chinese cities, which certainly is true in a major way, a closer look into the situation points to another, maybe more fundamental cause: the Chinese government is out of money. They simply can no longer carry out the zero-covid policy. Meanwhile, despite Xi’s concession, China’s economic future remains obscure since there seem to be no clear solutions to China’s many economic problems. Does China enter into uncharted waters?

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