Hu Jintao’s Absence from One Important Meeting Might Explain Incident at the 20th National Congress

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In live footage shot by Agence France-Presse, apart from the main theme, Hu Jintao, former Secretary General of the Party, was unwillingly escorted out of the Party’s 20th’s National Congress. A sideline might bear the clue to the mystery of why this was happening: It transpired when Hu Jintao tried to read part of a document that was distributed by the Congress. Both Li Zhanshu — a politburo Standing Committee member and Xi Jinping confidant — and Xi himself stopped him.

Why did they not let Hu read a document that everyone attending the meeting had? Why did Li Keqiang and Wang Yang put on a poker face the whole time? Simone Gao discovered that one important meeting Hu Jintao was absent from might explain what happened at the Party’s conclave.

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