2 thoughts on “A Showdown between Asian American Congressional Candidates in California — A Chat with Shawn Steel

  1. AQuietDay/Night Reply

    I missed this one.
    Yeah Simone, Asians were reliably blue (outside of the South Vietnamese).
    Jay Chen if I recall worked for Bain Capital and when the big noise occurred
    over Bain Capital when Romney ran Chen removed the reference of Bain being
    a former employer from his resume. I was most amused.
    Why Asians stuck with the Democrat Party is beyond me but I just figured they
    wanted to be in what they thought was the in crowd. Considering as a group
    they have done well, I can ‘t see what they have in common with the grievance
    crowd and upper income white snobs that run the Democrat Party today.
    Maybe they felt they just weren’t American enough yet?

  2. Michael Williams Reply

    Simone, regarding Harvard & elite Universities acceptance. Harvard & MIT follow my advice. Let’s talk?

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