Does America Lack the Political Will to Defend Itself Against Rogue States?

#BrianKennedy: “What the #CCP doesn’t understand about us is that what matters the most is human freedom. We will fight and die for human freedom. And I think when President Trump is talking about rebuilding the American military, building the space force and doing the kinds of things economically to check (China’s) ambition, I think they see a different kind of America than they’ve seen in the past 40 years.”

Australia just signed on to the #BeltRoadInitiative not too long ago. How is this going to impact the Five Eyes cooperation program? Against the backdrop of a newly reached Phase 1 trade agreement between the US & China, my discussion with Brian Kennedy, president of the Committee on the Present Danger: China, poses a fundamental question: Does the U.S. lack the political will to defend itself against communist infiltration?

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