Stephen Yates: 2020 Taiwan Election: America’s Strategic Re-balance; Historic Opportunity for Taiwan

On January 11, Taiwan will hold a #TWpresidential election and will also elect a new Legislative Yuan, which is one of the five branches of government in Taiwan. The two main political parties in Taiwan: the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and the Nationalist Party (KMT) had a reshuffle of political power after last year’s election when KMT won two thirds of the local offices. Now things have taken a drastic turn. The incumbent DPP president #TsaiIng-wen is leading with 30% over the KMT presidential candidate #HanKuo-yu in polls.

How did this happen?

Stephen Yates, Deputy National Security Adviser to Vice President Dick Cheney, an expert on Taiwan, told Zooming In that the Chinese Communist Party is responsible for this change. This election will be a referendum on the CCP. It will mean a strategic rebalance of power for the U.S., and a historic opportunity for Taiwan.

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