Coronavirus Epidemic Underestimated? – Zooming In

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Welcome to Zooming In, I’m Simone Gao. The Wuhan coronavirus that has spread consternation around the world over the last few weeks has now killed more people in China than the SARS epidemic of 2002-2003. That is, according to the Chinese official record. As the coronavirus reaches 25 countries around the world, and a substantial amount of non-official reports surface from China, the Chinese regime is under scrutiny as to whether it is attempting to distort the true nature of the epidemic. How serious is it after all? Could it evolve into a pandemic? Why has China allowed few outside experts in to study the epidemic? How has the US responded to this global public health emergency? And what impact will it have on the global economy at large? We explore these questions in today’s episode of Zooming In.

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