China’s Supply Chain Domination: CCP Directed, U.S. Assisted – Zooming In

Before the outbreak began, the global supply chain discussion was purely about economics. Four months into the outbreak, the same discussion now points to only one thing: Does the supply chain dependence pose a national security threat?

If China cuts its supply today, in how long would the US be unable to buy generic drugs from its stores?

Rare earth is another vulnerability in the US supply chain. Is it easy for China to weaponize such monopoly? How did the rest of the manufacturing move to China, and most important of all, what does the mastermind behind all this intend to achieve? In this episode of Zooming In, we explore these questions.


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Zooming In is a weekly in-depth/investigative report program hosted by the award-winning journalist Simone Gao. Zooming In focuses on US-China relations, American tradition and values, and critical questions that America faces today. It is known for never shunning tough, controversial issues or complex stories. Exclusive interviews and reports from China, insight from top experts on US and China, good storytelling, and engaging visual presentations make Zooming In one of a kind.

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