Fatal Frontier America Totally Missed, 2020 US Election Digital Battle [Exclusive] Robert Spalding

Please subscribe to this channel for the special election coverage this month. This interview and many others will be part of a documentary that will be released on YouTube on Oct. 18th. where we expose the CCP’s meddling in our election, their big data and AI ambition and how it endangers the foundation of our democracy.

At the heart of the TikTok and Oracle deal, is whether TikTok’s Chinese parent company ByteDance should remain the main stakeholder of the app. The Chinese Communist Party has been collecting private information of high profile celebrities, royalties and politicians in the UK and Australia. What do they need this data for? At a time when the Chinese regime is becoming more aggressive in big data and artificial intelligence, my interview with Robert Spalding, a senior fellow at the Hudson Institute. We discussed what it takes to protect American citizens and their data privacy. And why is Communist China against the rudimental premise of our democracy?

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