China’s Top Spy Head Did Defect!? Media Reports Show China lied about Him Attending a Meeting

Hello everyone, Welcome to Zooming In China Chat. I am Simone Gao. As you can tell, this is not my normal setup because I am on vacation right now, but there is some really important stuff coming up that I have to report for you guys, so I just did an interview with Solomon Yu who has some detailed information about the Chinese defector Dong Jingwei. Solomon is Republican National Committeeman for Oregon. Vice Chairman and CEO of Republicans Overseas. He received Dong Jingwei’s information from a high level U.S. official who he can’t reveal the identity of. His source confirmed that Dong Jingwei was the vice minister of China’s public security bureau, he did defect and he brought bombshell information about the origin of the virus, China’s biological weapons program, China’s spy operation in the U.S., and information on specific compromised U.S. officials.

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Simone Gao (00:00):

Solomon, you have information on this, supposedly a Chinese defactor. A high-level Chinese official that recently defected to the U.S. Tell me about it.

Solomon Yu (00:16):

Yes. I got a secondary source, which I can’t reveal, and confirmed it. DIA, that stands for Defense Intelligence Agency, run by our military, has the defector in its custody, protective custody.Simone Gao (02:41):

Okay. Yeah. So there are a few things that we need to get to detail of. First of all, this person, he is, his real name is actually Dong Jingwei, and he is the Vice Minister of the public security of China. Is that true?

Solomon Yu (03:00):

That’s correct. Dong Jingwei actually is a highest ranking contra-espionage match officer in China’s State Security Ministry.

Simone Gao (03:27):

so when did he defect?

Solomon Yu (03:35):

In mid-February.

Simone Gao (03:39):

So he has been in the U.S. For, for four months, almost

Solomon Yu (03:45):

That’s correct. As a matter of fact, here is the background. If you remember that high-level meeting between U.S. Secretary of State and National Security Advisor in Anchorage, Alaska with Foreign Minister Wang Yi and, uh Mr. Yang they asked for U.S. To return Mr. Dong, the defector, and of course the Secretary of State didn’t even know DIA has uh, Mr. Dong, and Mr. Dong was working with DIA for quite some time, because Anchorage meeting was about March some time, right? And so now the White House, everybody else starts scrambling. They say, “Hey, who really got you know, spy, or defector.” And pretty soon, DIA has to come clean and say “we got it.”Solomon Yu (05:20):

And also bad news for Biden and Biden family, because he also provides information about Biden’s son Hunter, was in China, and the picture of having sex with minors, all those stuff also came out. And so that was the reason actually Biden ordered 90 days, U.S., uh Intel community review. When we talk about Intel community, we will talk about 16 U.S. Intel agents and review what happened to Wuhan virus. And the latest thing was White House National Security Advisor will say no to Xi Jinping. And gave Xi Jinping’s choice between allow Western scientists going to Wuhan lab to investigate or free world will isolate China.

Simone Gao (06:41):

Right. Let me just get this clear. I don’t quite understand the rationale between, so supposedly China has photos of Hunter Biden in China having sex with minors, and they are using this to threaten President Biden? And somehow the, how is this related to Biden then decided, you know, they’re gonna, they’re gonna investigate the origin of the virus in China? How are these two, two things related?

Solomon Yu (07:15):

Okay. When DIA reported to the White House saying that the defector provide us a list of information including Chinese assets in U.S. Companies, individual, U.S. Companies, and individuals fund Wuhan virus involvement. And, last part of it was U.S. Individuals, the Americans, actually paid by CCP to betray American America and providing information to CCP. And there is a DVD. And that is information on Hunter Biden, basically information confirmed Hunter Biden’s lots of pictures and those sex pictures in China, okay? And so Biden is not that stupid. You can’t be seen soft on China, especially six hundred thousand Americans are killed by the CCP virus, right? And for that reason, he has to show, he also gets tough on China. That’s why he were not,ugoing to investigate,uCCP virus. And now he changed his mind. Ordered 90 days review. That’s how it played out.

Simone Gao (09:20):

So, President Biden just knew about the existence of this, uh, defector recently, right before he decided to research for the origin of the virus?

Solomon Yu (09:33):

That’s correct. Very recently. And if I have to say, DIA played everyone, including State Department CIA, FBI, and the White House. Very, very well.

Simone Gao (09:53):

Okay. So why did they not release the information to the State Department and White House in time?

Solomon Yu (10:02):

Because they suspect many, many Chinese assets, agents, in those agency, including CIA, FBI, at State Department. They don’t want to compromise what they got.

Simone Gao (10:20):

Okay. Okay. All right. So now let’s go to another important detail. What did this person actually reveal about the origin of the virus and also the Wuhan lab?

Solomon Yu (10:34):

Okay. P4 lab and a couple of things. Actually, they have several bioweapon programs, and the Wuhan virus is one of them.

Simone Gao (10:51):

Okay. So Wuhan lab is one of China’s biological weapon programs. It belongs to the, the PLA, I mean, at least…

Solomon Yu (11:04):

It’s a civilian lab, but also they do, uh, PLA, uh, bioweapons research. Dr. Fauci and the…yeah. Daszak, who also has a, nonprofit program and who Dr. Fauci fund the Wuhan program through Dr. Daszak. As a matter of fact, Dr. Fauci, uh, lied to Senator Rand Paul during Senate hearing. And so all this is kind of come together. Basically, the flood gate is open.

Simone Gao (12:34):

Okay. So this defector confirmed that Dr. Fauci’s program funded Wuhan lab, right? Okay. Did he say why Dr. Fauci would fund a biochemical weapons program in China? Related to…?

Solomon Yu (12:57):

No, I don’t know. And basically they fund several biprogram bioweapons programs, not just one. Uh you know, you also have to speculate there are many, I call, traitors in America and they take money from CCP, and then they provide information to CCP and they fund the CCP program. So if, if I have to speculate, it’s driven by greed.

Simone Gao (13:45):

Okay. Okay, great. What about the origin of the virus? Was the virus leaked by the lab or released by the lab? What, what, what did he say?

Solomon Yu (14:00):

I think it is leaked by lab and right now, based on, White House national security advisor’s interview. And our goal is getting into that lab as to see what is going up to investigate.

Simone Gao (14:19):

Okay. So this person did not exclusively, definitively say this virus was leaked from the lab or released from the lab, or it is lab made or naturally formed? Did he say that?

Solomon Yu (14:37):

He did not say leaked or purposefully released, and, but that is part of the weapon program.

Simone Gao (14:48):

Okay. So Wuhan lab is doing these very dangerous gain of function research with bat coronaviruses, which is part of the China’s biological weapons program. And he said, he confirmed it, right?

Solomon Yu (15:05):

That is correct. Right. And it’s not just one, okay? AndCovid 19 is not the only one. There are others. Other bio weapons programs.

Simone Gao (15:19):

Okay. did he say how many?

Solomon Yu (15:23):

No, I don’t know.

Simone Gao (15:27):

Um alright. Did he also say China’s spy operation in, uh in, in the U.S.?

Solomon Yu (15:37):


Simone Gao (15:39):

Okay. What did he say?

Solomon Yu (15:40):

He said that, one third of Chinese students studying in America are spies. And they got assignments, and also their networks CCP funded programs, agents operating in U.S. And that you enlist all that.

Simone Gao (16:12):

Okay. Alright. I’m looking at the report right now. What other information you get from your source about this guy?

Solomon Yu (16:28):

Well like I said before Americans actually paid by CCP to provide information and to help China to steal our technology. And the other thing is like I said, American companies and Americans funded China’s bioweapons program research.

Simone Gao (17:09):

Okay. So it’s very hard for me to imagine that NIH, those government agencies has no idea that the Wuhan lab is doing this kind of gain of function research that’s related to the Chinese biological weapons programs. And they are funding them through a third party. I think they do this intentionally. Knowingly. So is this just because Fauci is compromised, is corrupt, or is this a government action, government behavior and they want to…

Solomon Yu (17:51):

Fauci is corrupt. No question in my mind. And also anybody lie to Congress, okay, in his case, lied to Senator Rand Paul during the Senate hearing and knowing it is a perjury and I’m hitting Rand Paul. I already hit it. Rand Paul should do a criminal referral of Fauci, for perjury. So it’s not just funding CCP on bioweapon research, then lie about itself is a perjury. It’s double jeopardy now.

Simone Gao (18:42):

Right, right. I’m still, I can’t imagine those American traitors. They use the American taxpayers’ money to fund China biological weapons knowingly, just to make a few bucks?

Solomon Yu (18:57):

Yeah. So this, this thing really big.

Simone Gao (26:46):

Do you think this do you think Mr. Dong Jingwei will appear on media and testify or go to Congress to testify in the near future?

Solomon Yu (27:02):

No. I don’t expect that. By the way, the good news is, he is not the only defector.

Simone Gao (27:10):

Okay. Who are the others? How many are there?

Solomon Yu (27:16):

I was told that at least one more, and I could not confirm the rank. And the name. But there Is another one.

Simone Gao (27:28):

They defected the same time?

Solomon Yu (27:32):

There’s some space between those two. You know, they kind of verify each other. You can talk to one and talk to the other, kind of confirm each other’s story. So there are two defectors, at least, I know of.

Simone Gao (27:49):

Okay. And they defected at the similar time, around the same time?

Solomon Yu (27:55):

Around the same time. And I don’t know how many months apart, okay? I can’t confirm name and title and all that, but, hey, when you have one is talking, the other one also talking, you can verify information.

Simone Gao (48:41):

Okay. Thank you so much Sullivan.

Solomon Yu (48:45):

Bye-Bye. Bye.

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