Will Confucius Institute Be Funded by the U.S. Again?

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hello everyone welcome to zooming china chat i’m simon gao house democrats are blocking the senate pass the bill of the confucius act that would stop funds from the 3.5 trillion dollar infrastructure bill from going to universities that host a confucius institute what happened to the consensus the u.s political circle has reached on stopping chinese efforts in limiting free speech and spreading propaganda through the confucius institute chairman of the joint chiefs of staff mark alexander milley is in hot water because of his phone call to the top chinese general without letting president trump know what will happen to merely will the biden administration hold the lie on china i discuss these questions and more with sean still republican national committee man in california take a listen thank you xiang for joining zumi and china today ah this is a this is one of my favorite subjects it’s in the newspapers every day yeah thank you okay let’s talk about the confucius act uh that just passed the senate i think actually on march 4th it passed the senate unanimously however after the bill reached the house it was blocked by some democratic congressman so i was wondering why that happened because i thought the the u.s political circle has already reached a consensus on the confucius institute actually they have um most people of goodwill uh liberals uh conservatives moderates i think we know who funds the confucius institute we know it’s a it’s a it’s an agency for the chinese communist party we know it’s insidious it doesn’t have any real interest in having uh genuine history or cultural enlightenment it’s basically a spy operation propaganda organization for the chinese communist party but progressives have a problem with uh countries that are totalitarian uh that uh have fantastic social controls have surveillance systems so the progressives are strangely attracted to rogues all over the world including the the the people that run the chinese communist party and what their what their reasoning is is it’s almost baffling but the fact is the progressive caucus and the democrat party particularly in the house are fundamentally anti-american they just don’t like this country they don’t like the people in this country they don’t like the history of our country and they see uh that perhaps an alliance with the chinese communist party and other rogue states might be somehow beneficial to their interests because they really do seek a revolutionary overturn in our american society so that’s the fundamental reason they don’t have a good reason um if you put them on the spot uh they’re gonna say well the language wasn’t quite right well maybe the time the timing’s not good well maybe biden would be unhappy but whatever the excuse is there shouldn’t be any argument that the confucius institute is something that doesn’t belong in university or high school campuses and at one point they were all over the country and now there’s pushback people are aware what they’re designed for who’s paying for it they’re basically foreign lobbyists that are unregistered right right that’s what i’m like i don’t quite understand the political wind has changed on this subject if they oppose you know funding the pro confucius institute that would not be popular with our voters isn’t that true well for the vast majority uh they’re they’re trying i think some of the progressives are saying well this is an anti-asian bill nonsense they they they know that’s transparently not true the people that are promoting this are mostly asian americans people that especially those from mainland china that have left mainland china for a reason to get out because of the totalitarian society they support abolishing the confucius institutes and because they understand uh the insidious nature of this kind of propaganda and basically it’s also confucius institutes also used to keep track and to monitor and intimidate former citizens of communist china they’re here people here in in america uh are here for a reason they enjoy the liberties that we have uh and where the government’s not all powerful all the time and uh yet uh then they discovered a couple of miles away at a big university there’s a confucius institute that actually knows where they live i said while they get visited once in a while they’ll get phone calls they basically are being watched and spied upon particularly those with uh recently from communist china they’re being spied upon by by the by the confucius institute it’s just it’s a vast network of spies it’s something that really we don’t need and we shouldn’t have in our in our country yeah that’s that’s just crazy uh do you think this bill will pass i mean nevertheless i think it will maybe maybe not this session uh we’ll have to in the elections of 2022 uh there should be a major repudiation against joe biden he probably had the worst eight months of any american president in the last hundred years maybe 150 years i mean it’s been a terrible six eight months or for biden i mean you could take uh who but we could we could look at other presidents uh like carter of uh georgia who was president for four short years and he had a terrible four years and you know americans replace them with ronald reagan so but for joe biden deteriorates so badly and there’s a chance of remedy that our constitution provides for a change in the house of representatives every two years historically the the party in power loses 40 seats that probably lose a lot more than that so so once we have a republican majority and as you know michelle congresswoman michelle steele sits on the china commission that’s going to have a great deal of influence and it’ll be much more center-right than center-left as it is today right right um let’s talk about you just talked about joe biden let’s talk about 2024 and trump so when he was asked about whether he would run again in 2024 he said i don’t think we’re going to have a choice i think you will be happy what do you make of it well i think he’s always interested uh and he’s not hiding his interest uh but he he puts in such a way that he can go either way he changed his mind at the last minute uh and so i just like he likes turning the pot keeping the interest keeping the attention on him uh he likes that kind of incoming publicity uh and there’s nothing wrong with it every politician does so sure he likes to be asked constantly it helps the democrats in a way because that brings up oh my god trump could get back and so they raise a lot of money off those comments i see it all the time i see the fundraising letters go out so the democrats like to keep holding up trump scare their base on the other hand trump gets gets a lot of our base excited so he likes being you know getting that kind of attention uh and so you’re gonna keep hearing him say that he’s gonna hedge uh i think right after the 20 2022 elections that he’ll then have to be much more clear after we have the elections next year you’re going to hear right after those midterm elections if he’s serious or not and there’s some other issues too you know he’s uh the exact same age do i have this right no he’s four years younger than joe biden um but if he’s physically fit if he’s sharp uh if he makes a good clear comments if he can campaign hard like he did last year like he did in 2016 he’ll be formidable he’ll be he’ll be a major force of nature it’s interesting so you you didn’t interpret trump’s answer as a definitely yes because he didn’t say definitely you know he’s very good on this and and then you know when he makes these comments and then they’ll say you’re going to hear a definite answer next tuesday so everybody’s sitting in their seats next tuesday and next tuesday not really in it more clear he says a lot of them wait till next saturday and uh so he keeps the suspense good so he’s an expert on television he he he understands how to get the message across and keep people excited keep people tuned in that’s that’s that’s one of his great talents he’s a great communicator interesting so if trump run in 2024 um how do you compare his chances to that of 2020. it’s hard to say biden is falling much faster than anybody anticipated uh we he he he may have some real serious problems that we don’t even know about he is clearly he’s he’s been covered and surrounded uh by his uh wife and the chief of staff and sometimes we scratch our heads who’s really running the show who’s making the decisions most people that i know don’t think i didn’t think in his own decision somebody’s got a team of people or a couple of aides or somebody that’s kind of helping him walk through the motions uh so it’s it’s hard to tell you you heard him in a press conference just this morning you know it was sad you know he’s coughing and sneezing and you know just stuff that you you wouldn’t find from a president normally he’s not healthy he’s not a health he’s not a healthy person you know it’s in a way it’s too bad but he’s our president we expect the best and the brightest if if biden is not in a good shape why did you why did you not say trump is going to be in a better position than 2020 2020 no i mean trump trump could be in a better position again remember you know you know age is a factor in everything in life including politics and uh so you know when you have a governor when you have a candidate like obama it’s fresh and vital and exciting and prismatic and nobody ever doubted his cognitive abilities george bush when he was running for president exciting dashing i think that she figured from texas and you know governor and had a nice big vision nobody ever thought twice you know about his abilities everybody thinks a lot about joe biden yeah okay so if trump runs in 2024 what i mean i mean i should ask what’s the republican leadership’s uh position about this would they rather have someone else wrong for 2024 the beautiful thing about a political party is not one guy not one woman not one faction it is a huge umbrella organization involving tens and tens of millions of people tens of millions of people and so i can’t speak for tens of millions of people i represent five million registered republicans in california represent them uh but i certainly don’t speak for all of them uh but my job is to stay close to that but there’s 50 states and six territories that republicans are are active and have people elected office so it’s so when you say republican leaders there’s all kinds of republican leaders sometimes they don’t like each other sometimes they fight amongst themselves so my my best guess is that trump’s in order to get re-nominated in 2024 he’s going to have to win the primaries and if he goes in uh and does what he did in 2016 just just throttles everybody aside and he walks if he’s running for president he and he has let’s just say just 30 percent support he’ll become the nominee i i i was surprised to see that because in 2016 he he always had 30 the first day he announced 30 and and then the last primary 30 so he has he has that core group that will drive through and beat a whole bunch of other people now if it’s one other candidate like like governor desantis who everybody likes and florida well then then the odds might be different but there if there’s 15 people running against trump trump will kill all of them one at a time so those are some of the dynamics uh and who knows what we’ll be thinking what will be going on what kind of situation they’ll be economically in america what new viruses the communist chinese spring on the world yeah you know president biden ordered a day reports to trace the origin of the virus did not give a conclusive um you know answer to where the virus actually came from i mean by the administration i think on the surface you see it go after the ccp pretty fiercely but you know and the result you don’t see much i mean what’s your impression do you think they’re tough enough i’m gonna disagree i don’t think they go after them fiercely at all i think they’re they don’t talk much about communist china they don’t talk uh they don’t have any kind of a any kind of a vision or understanding with trouble is really clear and this is trump’s best work might have been foreign policy or federal judges there’s so many areas he did he did extraordinarily well better than even reagan in some cases uh so trump uh by making the policy very clear with the chinese by actually doing things with the tariffs really did change the chinese attitude but more importantly he educated americans and other people in the world and that legacy is is going forward he’s emboldened a lot of people to stand against the chinese communist party that i like to see the philippines are finally shifting their focus and not being so nice to the chinese communist party and and so biden it doesn’t show that resolution he has been weak from day one remember it was obama’s secretary of defense not too recent ago i’m not not too long ago uh gates uh secretary of defense uh gates said that uh obama had the ability to make bad incompetent political world decisions for 30 years in a row that that and every major world event he was wrong fighting was wrong that secretary of defense who one of the top positions that obama appointed to saying that about joe biden joe biden keeps proving bad decisions bad instincts and then bad advisors i mean this general million that he’s got is his worst chief of staff in american history i can’t think of any general that has been as bad and insidious uh sub-refuge violating military uh organization ethics as as general milley and and widen standing standing behind him the guy has become a laughingstock and an embarrassment for for american service people i want to get your opinion on the 2022 midterms i just read a piece on cnn and it talked about you know actually several republican senators are pondering whether they’re going to run again or retire what do you think will happen to the midterms so so we have uh uh some good opportunities now so some and by the way we have to elect more republicans and democrats because it turns out there’s a lot more republicans running for re-election than democrats there’s a five or six really crucial seats we should win the georgia seat back i think we’ve got some outstanding candidate that herschel walkers you know pressing a lot of folks an african-american that’d be the second black senator from the south that’s republican and democrats don’t have that uh i think we’ve got some other good opportunities uh that we can pick up but also not just looking at state by state by state if biden’s administration is collapsing before our very eyes i don’t know it could be worse than couple it’s going to help all on every level of government


so you think uh in 2022 republicans can reclaim both house and senate yes i do and also a lot of governorships and the reason is how the collect by the administration is is deteriorating it’s getting worse by the month not by the year by the month there’s always some bad news look in the last 48 hours what’s the bad news with general miley who’s in charge of joint jesus staff was talking to communist chinese military leaders undermining uh trump we went through this with macarthur and harry s truman you can’t have a a military guy making policy it’s illegal it’s unconstitutional it’s treasonable and it should be court-martialed uh and that just came out last forty dollars that just i mean that just came out of nowhere this is the same guy uh that uh thinks that the biggest problem that america faces number one security threat is white rage is this man insane this is a joint jesus staff of our military like white rage no it’s it’s it’s it’s his is he’s such a political suck-up and he’s going to be considered the worst one of the worst military generals in all of american history he’s a disgrace and he’s still there fighting keeps supporting him yeah do we have a secretary of defense who’s arguably very dumb and not very sharp at all and he’s he’s responsible for for the collapse of kabul so we have been players that’s making fight and look worse and that’s not changing i would also like to get your opinion on the california recall election the latest number i checked is uh 74 of reported votes 64 of californians said no to remove governor newsom 36 said yes does this number surprise you no uh there there’s twice as many registered democrats in california the other side knew some spent he didn’t have any campaign limits because it’s a recall election so the rules are different so he had 80 million george soros kicked in a million even surprised me uh the the democrat governors association put millions and millions and they this is they were so desperately basically the democrats got a shiner they got a big black eye i mean newsom is half the man that he was for the election because he he was who gets recall that’s a very difficult process we’ve got two million people signing signing the initiatives and the democrats spotted all the way they changed the election they they up they instead of the election in november they pushed to september indeed and then they demonized larry elder an african-american how dare a african-american be a libertarian conservative and run against the newsome so they made up stuff and they attacked them they had 80 million dollars i would tell you right now 80 million dollars mother teresa couldn’t win seriously in the age of big news and and propaganda which was overwhelming but i didn’t i i didn’t go in with expectations that were suddenly going to seize power but what we did do is organize several million people that are better educated know how to knock on doors we know what where we’re strong in certain neighborhoods or certain congressmen and a lot of trouble because their neighborhoods went against newsome plus 25 percent of the votes haven’t been counted it’s gonna the numbers are going to show that that it’s not as wide as it is today it’s going to be narrower more counties are going to start showing that they win against newsome so uh but we won’t find that for one or two weeks because you know they these registered voters take forever to count you know they work for the government so uh and so i i the recall was was a good energizer for us larry elder was spectacular spectacular he’ll he’ll be the most one of the most famous republicans in the country he’ll be he’s in high demand his radio show a 300 station is probably going to grow to 600 radio so you’re going to see a lot of larry hill it’s one of the most common sense republicans we’ve had in a generation interesting does the results of the recall tell you anything about what’s going to happen in 2022 well california is the bluest of the blue state who would have guessed six months ago there would even be a recall that itself is historic that they were willing to take a look we we were the david newsomes of goliath and we missed we didn’t we didn’t knock them out with a stone well that’s fine uh there’ll be other opportunities i don’t for for one election i don’t i don’t give up to me it’s just a process and and and the uh uh the money came in so big remember we weren’t even you know this is not small down the donation the most of the contributions came in at a million dollars we’re talking about big tech big labor and big labor and big tech together is is a form of force uh it’s not like middle class folks it’s not like regular donors uh these these these groups came in uh and they wanted to keep control you know progressives and and left-wing democrats the basic thing is control they make people wear masks because maybe it doesn’t scientifically make sense but it shows that they’re in charge and they can tell you what right i mean just you know i’m curious what do you think will happen to general milly millie is going to have to resign uh there’s going to be too many questions he has whatever you know he got through the politically correct stuff and the critical race theories that he’s imposing on the military and then it was uh hubble that that you know he’s you know buck stops on the military side that was a terrible terrible withdrawal and still we got americans that are held hostage we’ll hear about this for years it’ll be years of take get all the americans out of there it’s going to be a story continuous now we find out that that he was playing deep deep politics in front of 15 other people’s well-reported he hasn’t denied it he’s done he is he is a dead man walking he doesn’t have any future or credibility nobody in congress trusts him even democrats tammy duckworth a far uh democrat liberal in chicago and she’s an american war veteran she wants people to know that is a helicopter pilot in iraq and she lost both of her legs she’s paraplegic she’s a u.s sinner and she said miley’s in a lot of trouble i think she implied that he has to go so now you got the democrats that are agreeing with the republicans it means joe biden’s doing something good he’s uniting the country against this politics yeah but president biden backed the general mili and mili’s office said they had kept the department of defense and interagency in loop when millie made those calls will this get merely off the hook well look everything is going to stop for uh for miley people are not going to trust him uh international leaders won’t populate as frequently uh his his uh ethnicity that he’s getting is going deep into the ranks he is really a negative force among young officers uh cadets in west point annapolis they can’t respect him he’s unrespectable he’s a man that has lost his poise and his dignity he’s a man that has no dignity made very bad stupid political decisions uh the political generals that that obama kind of created nurtured in advance he’s one of those political generals we don’t need political generals we need general we need military so so miley’s turned out to be the worst of the worst he’s an embarrassment for america he won’t last long all right sean thank you so much uh for the interview really appreciate it i love it you’re you’re a great one and you’ve done so well and you get so many views everybody’s jealous they should be i’m proud of you thank you thank you xiao alrighty bye bye bye that’s all for today thanks for watching zumi in china please like share subscribe and donate to this channel if you like our production also head over to my new membership website at zooming in tv you can get video audio formats of my shows full transcripts and in-depth reports only available to members i will also do q and a with members on the website just five dollars a month or 50 dollars a year please check it out thanks again and i’ll see you next 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