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Xi Jinping Controls Private Industry in China

The Real Reason Xi Jinping Is Going after Chinese Stars

Could the 90-day Covid Origin Probe Be Politicized?

Stronger than Article 5 of the NATO Agreement, US Will Defend Taiwan for Taiwan TSMC Chips?

Why Will Taiwan Not Become 2nd Afghanistan?

Will Uyghers Become a Source of Terror or a Subject of Persecution Following the Afghan Debacle?

China Loves Biden Going Down the Scientific Route in Covid Origin Searches

Could Wuhan Lab Data Acquired by the U.S. Contain Info Linked to China’s Bio Weapons Program?

China’s Zero Tolerance on Coronavirus Backfires

Documentary: The American Dream Takes On China Inc. Part Two: The Clean Network | Zooming In China

How China’s Nationalism Turned the Olympics Into a Battlefield for Chinese Supremacy

China and India Heading to War Over Water? China to Build Huge Hydropower Station on Border

73% of China's 98,000 Dams Are in Critical Condition

Why Does Beijing Want to Destroy Didi? What’s in DIDI’s Data that CCP Fears?

Will Biden Create a Human Rights Abusers List in which US Investors will be banned from investing?

China's Worst Nightmare: Biden Isn't Coming to Wall Street's Rescue, Investment Is Further Banned

Thousands of Cars Could Have Been Submerged in a 5-Mile Tunnel in China

Flood Explosion and Land Subsidence in China, Natural or Man-made Disaster? | Zooming In China

Will DIDI Set Off US China Capital Market Decoupling? The Story Behind Didi’s Disastrous IPO

$2 Trillion Invested in Chinese Companies, but US Investors Have No Control over Them: Keith Krach

Biggest Onshoring in US History Will Set Off Rebuilding America’s Chip Industry: Keith Krach

Media Reports Show China Did Not Attend Meeting in which Rumored Chinese Defector Was Shown Present

The Biggest Myth of China’s Economy: Why Doesn’t the Real Estate Bubble Pop?

Break Leg to Avoid Slave Labor in Xinjiang | Prisoner of Conscience

Is California Getting 380 Times More New Cases Than Guangdong China?

Exclusive Source: Defector Say Virus Was Part of Weapon Prog. | Why Biden Search for Virus Origin

Can China Form its Own Alliance? | Beijing vs Western World

Can China’s Economic Might Overcome G7 Effort to Curb CCP?

(Part2) Strategic Clarity & Tactic Ambiguity about Taiwan | Simone Gao and Miles Yu

(Part 1) Can America Rein in China? | Conversation between Simone Gao and Miles Yu

Is Covid-19 the Result of an Out of Control Gain of Function Experiment Leaked from lab?

America's Fate | Conversation between Simone Gao and Sec. Pompeo

Will America Depend on China’s Solar Panels for Most of Our Green Energy?

Will China Invade Taiwan? An Interview with June Teufel Dreyer

America's Existential Threat: An Interview with Victor Davis Hanson, Part Two

Will Biden Hold the Line on China? An Interview with Victor Davis Hanson, Part One

Chinese Tech Giants Enter Electric Car Market; Tesla’s Honeymoon Is Over

Will Elon Musk's Starlink Break China's Great Firewall?

The American Dream Takes on China Inc. Part 1: 5g Trifecta

Is Political Censorship on Biden's Agenda?

Trump Needs to Assure 2024 Will Be Different; Electronic Voting Causes Fraud and Corruption

Defund the Police Backfired; Minneapolis Increased Police Funding; Baltimore Crime Rate Remains High

Supreme Court Sanctioned Persecution against Trump? SCOTUS Rules for Trump to Turn in Tax Records

GOP Candidates' Biggest Dilemma in 2024: Support While Competing with Trump

Sen. Mike Lee Indicates Trump Did Not Know Violence Was Happening on Capitol; Manager Misquoted Him

Senate Impeachment Day One Didn't Go Well for Trump, But Outcome Likely Unchanged

Trump's Impeachment Trial Happens Today; Neil McCabe Says Senate Republicans are Also on Trial

Without Trump, the Black Community's Relationship with GOP Will Wane: Autry Pruitt

Big Tech Sued; Mega Trend Is Big Tech Against People

GameStop Saga: A Calculated Effort to Punish Wall Street

Political Hit Job? Trump Supporter Charged of Vote Theft for Posting Satirical Memes

Advisor: Trump Will Not Launch a New Party; Biden's China Policy Still under Review: WH Press Sec.

Trump: We Will Be Back in Some Form; Biden Secretary of State: Trump Got China Right

Is It a Political Vetting of Troops? DNI Assessed China Interfered in Election, CIA Suppressed Info

State Department: Wuhan Institute of Virology Has Worked on Secret Projects with China�s Military.

BLM Member Charged For Storming Capitol; US Capital Allowed to Invest in Chinese Tech Giants

10 GOP Voted to Impeach; MSM Narrative Destroyed; Senate Will Be Harder

McConnell Is Furious with Trump and Might Approve Impeachment; Big Tech Goes after Anti-CCP Acct.

Why Was Capitol Security Loose on Jan 6? Trump Supporters Are Peaceful; GOP May Not Survive

BREAKING NEWS from Capitol Hill

Pence Turned; Congress Turned, Will New "Political Correct" Overturn Election on January 6?

Veto of Relief Bill Could have Sustained; Nashville in Fog

Exclusive: Exam Indicates Georgia Tabulating Machine Sent Results to China

New Findings Could Be Imminent but Access to Evidence Denied; Trump Team Shifted Focus

If Machine Evidence Were to be Found in Arizona, Results Could Be Turned Overnight: Brian Kennedy

DOD Cancel Meeting with Biden Transition. Appoint Special Counsel Now: Brian Kennedy

Exclusive: Why Do Hand Count and Machine Tally Always Match? 68% Error Rate Might Hold the Key.

Unexpected Moments at the Georgia Hearing; Why Hunter Biden Would Be a Perfect Target of the CCP?

Supreme Court Did not Rule on the Merits of the Pennsylvania Case. An Interview with Charlie Gerow.

Will Dec. 8 Put an End to Trump's Legal Efforts? U.S. Constitution has the Answer.

Will Georgia's Suitcase Ballots Incident Change the Prospect of Trump's Lawsuits?

Burden of Proof Is on Election Officials not on Trump; GOP Leadership Doesn't Matter, People Matter

AZ Hearing Highlights: Dominion Connected to web, Data Points to Fraud, Forensic Exam Can Find Out.

Narrow But Clear Path. Will PA Secure Victory for Trump? An Interview With Alan Dershowitz

(Exclusive) PA Legislator: Election NOT Decided. Certification Will be Challenged.

TOP Highlights: Numbers That Back up the Legal Path.

Will the New York Times Data Help Trump Win the Pennsylvania Case?

Raw Data Confirms in 68 Seconds Tens of Thousands of Votes Switched: Brian Trascher

Direct Evidence. Hundreds of testimonies. "I can prove to you 18 different ways" - Rudy G.

The Lawsuit to Define this Decade

Tabulator Testimony Shows Precinct Ballots in Wayne County Michigan Might be Counted Twice

Contingent Election - Path to a Trump Victory?

Poll Watcher Comes Forward: Michigan Numbers Don't Add Up

Poll Watcher Comes Forward: Was Only Able to Work 5% of the Time

What Happened in Michigan at 4am on Nov.4 ?

Can Trump get Supreme Court to Intervene?

Compare Trump and Biden's Chinese Business Dealing: Who Is Compromised?

Asian Republic Wave in California? An Interview with Young Kim, Running for Congress in California.

When CCP Is Empowered by Big Tech, An Interview with Huawei Big Data Expert

Can Common Sense Win in California? An Interview with Asian Female Republican Candidate for Congress

New Audio Proves Joe Biden Lied; Implicated in Criminal Investigation

Joe Biden Is Compromised: Brian Kennedy

Steve Bannon: China is Bigger Than Burisma! Top Democratic leaders involved?

American Republic vs CCP Documentary

Scott Perry: New Bill Strips CCP leaders of Sovereign Immunity.

How Can Chinese Artificial Intelligence Change the 2020 Presidential Election?

Fatal Frontier America Totally Missed, 2020 US Election Digital Battle [Exclusive] Robert Spalding

[Exclusive] Ongoing Danger of the Three Gorges Dam. Part 3: Flood is Caused by Reservoirs and Dams.

[Exclusive] The Ongoing Danger of the Three Gorges Dam. Part 2: A Fatal Collapse?

[Exclusive] The Ongoing Danger of the Three Gorges Dam. Pt 1: Will It Become a Military Target?

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